We have compiled some of the most frequent questions people asked about Singapore Godown.
1. What is your layout concept?

Singapore Godown has been designed for both functionality and aesthetics. As a modern Industrial-Commercial building, access to the building for industrial and passenger vehicles are segregated. This promotes safety of building tenants as well as visitors.

Maximum flexibility for cargo movements have also been catered for. With adequate cargo lifts, it has been calculated that under ideal conditions it would take an average of 15 minutes to unload a palletized 40' container into the warehouse units. Also, in the unlikely event of a traffic jam in the loading area, containers can be routed to depart from the front of the building.

2. What do you call your building design?

Departing from the traditional "boxy" warehouse designs and the faddish exterior finishing that change with time, Singapore Godown has been designed with a timeless "art deco" look.

From the intricate stainless steel "porte cochere" to the specially designed bathroom fittings, the whole "art deco" experience is consistently applied to various details of the building.

3. Why do you call your building "Singapore Godown"? Why not "Go Up"?

The term "Godown" in local context has its root from the Malay word "Gudang" which means warehouse. This term is used very widely in the region to refer to warehouses up to 1970's. We are proud of the fact that our company has been around since when the term "Godown" was common! This name is also consistent with our "art deco" design.

4. What do the words "VENTO VELOCIUS" and "MONTE STABILIUS"
    which are engraved on your main entrance mean?

Both words are in Latin, meaning "fast as the wind" and "stable as a mountain" respectively. These are our management and service philosophy to do things fast and to be always there to help our tenants.

5. What about security in the building?

Firstly, we have CCTV cameras to common areas inside and outside the building. Secondly, we have 24-hour manned security personnel on guard. Thirdly, all office units are also fitted with proximity card access system. Finally, all access to common areas after office hours are also controlled by card access system.

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